I am attracted to the sublime luminescence of stained glass, its ability to evoke religious experience, its melodramatic potential.  Additionally, it allows me to interact with my Northern European and European-American ethnic roots.  Even when I compose simple trinkets I am considering their connection to Romanesque cathedrals and Frank Lloyd Wright houses.

Pelvis​ is a loose depiction of an intersex condition called cliteromegaly.  When disrupting mythologies of the gender binary, offering a biological truth can sometimes be more effective than offering psychosocial truth.

Horns, and Phallus represent masculine paradoxes of heroism and futility, bravery and antagonism. 

 The title of The Tower (XVI) ​refers to the sixteenth major arcana card of the divinatory tarot deck symbolizing impending upheaval and disaster.  It resembles a modern skyscraper in its obscene verticality and glass surface.

"America is closing itself up in an architectonic planning nostalgia that has much to do with the fears that traverse the nation. What constitutes these fears? Fear of terrorism, fear of the economic crisis, loss of supremacy, but most of all a generic fear, vague and indistinct, the fear of launching oneself into the creation of something new." Franco La Cecla, Against Architecture